When shopping at Sharp Things OKC at our retail location or online, you will receive Sharp Coins for every eligible product transaction.* Sharp Coins can be used just as cash. Sharp Coins can be added while you are on the Cart page.



$1 = 1 Sharp Coin
100 Sharp Coins = $5
That’s right, you get 5% back on all eligible transactions!*
(See figure A in screenshot)




While on the Cart page, you will see the “Apply Coins” button. (See figure B in screenshot) By the button, either to the right or below the button, your accumulated amount of Sharp Coins will be reflected as such: “Sharp Coins applicable on this order 500” (500 is an example amount of the total Sharp Coins you have in your Sharp Rewards account). You can then type the number of Sharp Coins you would like to use. You cannot exceed the total amount of Sharp Coins that you have in your Sharp Rewards account. (See figure C in screenshot) Once you have added your desired amount of Sharp Coins, click the “Apply Coins” button. You will see the dollar amount reduction in the area marked “Cart Discount”. If you applied 500 Sharp Coins to your order, the “Cart Discount” (of $25.00) will reflect as: Cart Discount: -$25.00 (Remove). (See figure D in screenshot) The word “Remove”, if clicked, will remove the discount and return your Sharp Coins back to your Sharp Rewards account.

We hope you enjoy this feature!

Stay Sharp OKC!



Note: Sharp Coins cannot be used to pay any applicable tax, shipping fee or other clerical/accounting/state fee, only eligible products. *Sharp Things OKC & reserves the right to change the product eligibility, currency to Sharp Coin ratio and/or the terms of the Sharp Rewards program at its own discretion with or without notice.

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